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😀 Would you like to have a positive impact on the environment and take care of your pocket effortlessly?

what happens to used cooking oil once you pour it down the drain? What many do not know is that this practice can be harmful to the environment and costly in the long term (for your pocket).

Take care of the environment and save money!

Recycle oil easily!

You can store any oil or spice: olive oil, olive and canola oil, vinegar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, among others.


It has a stainless steel filter

This filter is 100% efficient, as it traps even the smallest particles. 

Easy to hold handle

Easy to fill

The larger opening is designed for easy filling without a funnel.


The answer to your pocket and the environment.

and conserves natural resources. This is where our cooking oil recycler pot  comes into play It's time for you to dive into a simple but effective solution to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your finances under control.

How does it work?

Our recycling pot  is designed to capture and recycle that used cooking oil that Not only are you avoiding pollution of rivers and oceans, but you are also turning that oil into a useful and valuable resource.

It's the smart way to take care of the planet while saving money.


Can you imagine never worrying about pouring used oil down the siphon again?

Click the buy button and start recycling responsibly today!









John Smith

I am a cook in a renowned restaurant in Medellín and this pot has been great for all the dishes, in addition to helping the planet save oil!!


Lucas Gomez

I bought it for my wife because we used a lot of oil each month and now, one bottle lasts up to two months! It was worth it, thanks partners

Luis R.*****


I'm starting to live alone, I'm 20 years old and I used a lot of oil but with this pot you can't imagine how much I've saved hahahaha. The true expense of an independent adult.




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