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Cleaning the house has never been so easy and practical!

Introducing the mini mop, the perfect solution to quickly and efficiently clean any type of floor.

Using a cloth to clean up messes is so old school. You have to wet it, squeeze it, and then rub the stains. 

And don't even get me started on the mess it leaves behind. It's like you're cleaning up one mess, only to create another.

But with the Mini Mop, all those problems disappear. No more getting your hands dirty or sweating. You can clean up messes quickly and easily with just one hand.

Plus, the push-pull mechanism ensures that it squeezes out every last drop of water, without leaving any mess behind.

One-handed wonder

You can clean up messes and still have one hand free for important things like eating or scrolling through your phone. Talk about multitasking!


The mini mop has a push-pull mechanism that allows you to wring it out with ease, without leaving any mess behind. It's like magic, but for cleaning!

You can clean up messes like a ninja

Rotating mop head. It's like having a secret weapon that can tackle even the hardest to reach spots.


Small and compact

So it won't take up valuable storage space in your home. She can hide it in a drawer or under her bed, and she won't even know it's there.

Give the Earth a hug

We know cleaning can be a hassle, so we made it easy with our eco-friendly, biodegradable cotton mop head. It is soft, smooth and easy to cleanPlus, the amazing water-locking feature means you won't have to worry about spills or drips while cleaning.


Storage size:  24.8*4.6cm/9.7*1.8in

Extended length:  29.5cm*15.5cm/11.6*6.1in

Cotton head length:  15.5cm/ 6.1in

Weight: 200g

What we value most is the satisfaction of our clients, offering a service of 



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😍 Summary 1:

💎Vertical design for easy storage and elegant appearance to improve your taste of life. Ideal for a minimalist life.


😍 Summary 2:

You can easily squeeze out dirty water to quickly dry the mop head without water stains. Always keep your hands clean during use.


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